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Client Testimonials

I have had neck and back pain for a few years. Saw orthopedic doctors. I have had injections and therapy off and on since my pain started. I got to the point where I was tired of having injections and going for therapy. I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Jeff Demko. It has made such a difference in my life. I have been treated with massage therapy and exercise. I am so happy with how well I am doing. When I went to Dr. Demko, I felt the pain was taking over my life. I have been pain free for three months now. What a difference it has made in my everyday life. Joyce G.

I had knee pain with radiating aching down to the ankle. The knee had been hurting off and on for several years, but the frequency and severity had been increasing. I had a European vacation planned in four weeks and knew I would be sitting most of the time - unable to walk. A friend recommended Dr. Demko. I was a skeptic, but needed to do something. After two sessions, I was so much better I could not believe it. Thanks to the team at Body, Back & Joint clinic I walked all through Europe with little pain. They made my trip a great one! Marion G.

After running a hilly marathon, I struggled for three months with Achilles and calf pain. I could not even put my heel to the floor without pain. I tried not running, started biking – no relief. Just took 2 weeks off from all exercise – no relief. I could not even walk without pain. After 3 visits to the Body, Back & Joint clinic, I am pain free. I am constantly amazed at how Dr. Demko and his staff can re-teach my body to heal itself by using the correct muscles and do their jobs. His knowledge and sincere interest in helping me return to my active life is truly wonderful. His staff possesses Dr. Demko’s same work ethic. They are quite a team! Kathy M.