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Welcome to the Body, Back and Joint Clinics where we apply science to the way you move.

Muscular Imbalance

Over the last 20 years, Dr. Jeff Demko kept seeing inconsistent results as a chiropractor as well as extended lengths of treatment time to fix any basic musculo-skeletal problem. Because of this, he has developed an entirely innovative technique to treat musculo-skeletal pain.

Dr. Demko set out to find a new way to help his patients by treating the whole person, understanding that they are as much a part of the treatment as the doctor. After much trial and error, he developed a series of movements that allow most pain situations (mechanical joint and muscle pain such as lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc.) to be resolved in an average of ten visits or less with no manipulation or extensive exercise. The patient is involved in their treatment schedule and their treatment. The technique is based on a combination of anatomy and physics. The evaluation of muscle, its innervation and relationship with other muscles based upon muscular and neuro-anatomy, and the physics of lever arm mechanics and the transfer of forces in various planes of motion are involved.

What does this mean?

Human muscles work together to allow movement. For many reasons (repetitive use, injury, etc.) some of our muscles can become contracted and tight and unable to relax or release the contraction when needed. When this occurs, corresponding muscles can become “overstretched”, inhibited; unable to contract or function when needed. This creates a situation where proper joint movement is compromised and the potential for degeneration of the joint is increased because of the abnormal motion.

Muscular imbalances can increase the risk of injury

These imbalances most often occur in the back or neck. Once the muscles become inhibited, it takes very little to initiate an episode of acute back pain. Bending down to pick up a piece of paper, yardwork, or any physical activity could easily trigger back pain by using compensatory muscles. The result is that semi-contracted muscles become fully contracted – or in a state of muscle spasm which causes severe pain.

Dr. Demko uses very small incremental movements to create a neurological connection between the central nervous system and the muscles. He teaches the patient how to make the muscles work correctly.

Dr. Demko and his team can determine the muscles involved in your specific situation, relieve pain in the office with therapeutic modalities, and prescribe fast, simple movement patterns for you to perform at home to facilitate the healing process.



It's Just Anatomy and Physics